We have loved seeing couples get cozy with this winter chill, but let's take it back to the epic fall we had! PRIME time for the leaf change in October for this engagement session by Rose Courts Photography. The rain and the slowly seeping in chill before this Indiana October session, perfectly brought out all the spectacular hues of the leaf change for this sweet couple. We have a new vision for #appleofmyeye!

From the photographer: "Leading up to the day, it was rainy, cold and windy. [When] Tuesday came around, what do ya know--60 DEGREES AND SUNNY! OMG! This day was absolutely GORGEOUS! [Emily] could be comfortable in her beautiful short sleeve dress (purchased while on a trip to Texas); all the shades of yellow, red and orange in the trees were so perfect in that glowy sunset! This was best case scenario. I'm so glad this blessing of an evening went to Emily and Brooks because they deserve it!

-Courtney Adams


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