After meeting across the country from their childhood homes and families at their workplace, Amazon, the couple bonded over football. Particularly Notre Dame and NFL. The week after they became official, ND beat LSU. After two years of dating, traveling and adopting kitties, Ryan proposed in late 2017. The next day ND beat LSU. ♡ 

While Sarah, being a Floridian, daydreamed of a beach wedding. Ryan always knew he wanted to get married in the Basilica at his Alma Mater Notre Dame. You can only hold a ceremony in the Basilica if you attended Notre Dame and are Catholic. Sarah saw this as a uniting opportunity with her being Catholic and Ryan having attended school there. Her beach theme wasn't all lost as she took her experience of working at a Greek family restaurant, and traveling with Ryan to Athens and incorporated a Santorini feel in her colors for a classic wedding day. See photos of their day below!

Photos // Jason Thomas Crocker Photography

Couple's Best Advice: 

"We have some practical advice for couples still planning and waiting for their big day. First, invest your planning time into the ceremony instead of the reception. You want to remind guests why they have traveled all that way and it is truly to see you get married to the love of your life! Everything else is secondary and just a wonderful add on. Second, invest in the BEST photographer. Your dress, your florals, your tablescapes, your cake, etc. will ALL be gone or useless the day after your wedding. Your photos and your memories are literally the only thing you truly keep so invest and build your budget around it. Oh and if you need a suggestion for the best photog in the biz,  Jason T Photography!" - Sarah + Ryan Conrad

The Wedding Of: Sarah Myers + Ryan Conrad

Wedding date: 03.30.19

Wedding colors: Royal Blues and Lavender